What is My Case Worth?

What is my case worth? What is my case worth? This is one of the most frequently asked question by clients. The value of YOUR case depends upon several factors: The individual facts of your case. The type of injury you suffered. The insurance available for compensation. The liability … Read more about What is My Case Worth?

Volunteers in The Community

Attorneys do more than just practice law and argue cases in the courtroom. Many of them are also volunteers in the community. Lawyers' focused knowledge, ability to interpret complicated  issues, and skills in drafting legal documents make them assets to local organizations. Two attorneys in our … Read more about Volunteers in The Community

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from Graham & Mauer! Here are some tips for celebrating a safe and fun Independence Day for all. Tips for a Safe and Fun Celebration this Holiday Weekend: Get Home Safe ~ If you drink at a bbq or party, call a taxi or get a ride from a sober friend. Remember your … Read more about Happy Fourth of July!

Aphasia and traumatic injuries

Aphasia has been in the news this week due to a health announcement about a famous movie star. However, the condition affects approximately 2,000,000 people in the United States. It is a term that many may be hearing for the first time. What is it? Who can get it? What causes it? So, here is some … Read more about Aphasia and traumatic injuries

Head Injury and Concussion

Some injuries present right away after a car crash, but some like head injury and concussion may become apparent later. Also, other injuries such as a herniated disc or internal trauma may also cause pain after the fact. You can suffer a head injury in several ways. Some of them include; falls, … Read more about Head Injury and Concussion