Yesterday a foul ball struck a young fan when it flew into the stands during an Astros v. Cubs baseball game. The child was taken to the hospital for treatment. However, there is still no news of their condition. The player, Albert Almora Jr., a center fielder for the Cubs, was overcome with emotion when he saw the child’s injury. His fellow players comforted him on the field.

Most states have what is colloquially known as the “Baseball Rule.” This governs whether a fan can even bring a claim for injuries suffered while at the ballpark. Can a fan bring a lawsuit for injuries caused by a ball during play? Depending on the circumstances, likely not. Can a fan bring a claim for injuries caused by slipping on poorly maintained steps, or a broken seat, or a spilled soda? More likely. While a baseball flying into the stands could be an assumed risk, there are ways to make America’s Pastime safer. Following this incident and other foul ball and other accidents, including a woman who died from injuries, the MLB will likely look at safety once more. The MLB announced last year that all netting would extend to the ends of the dugouts. Prior to that announcement, it was up to the teams and park to decide how much netting was appropriate. Those decisions now may be revisited yet again. Although many fans want the best visibility possible, it is up to the parks and manager to keep fans safe. This also allows the players to do their jobs without fear of injuring someone.

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