Backup and rollover accidents are rare, but tragic events. Blind zones in vehicles, or inexperienced or inattentive drivers create risk of backup injuries.

This past week a teenager struck her father while learning to drive. The man was standing in front of the vehicle, presumably thinking his daughter would back up to park. Instead, she accelerated forward. He later died of his injuries.

While accidental run-over deaths are rare, they do happen. Several years ago, the news reported the tragic death of actor Anton Yelchin. He was pinned by his own vehicle after it rolled down a steep driveway.

Children are particularly at risk for backover injuries. Being short and often difficult to see behind a vehicle, they are more likely to be missed by a driver checking improperly. The most common age to be injured by a backup accidents is one years old. Toddlers can slip away from parents and are difficult to see in parking areas or behind cars. However all children should be closely monitored when near cars. Even adults should keep a sharp eye out for their own safety.

One important safety feature to avoid this issue is a backup camera. These cameras allow drivers to see low to the ground behind the vehicle also.

There are many steps that everyone can take to reduce these backup and rollover accidents:

  • Use a parking break
  • Try to park on a flat surface, and avoid steep grades
  • Never leave vehicle unattended if not properly parked and in gear
  • When pulling forward or reversing, stop and double check which gear you are in
  • Check carefully behind your vehicle prior to backing up
  • Listen for someone warning you to stop – keep radio off, roll down window

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