Avoid accidental drowning, a risk that increases during the summer. While water sports are a fun way to cool down, they bring risks. Unexpected water conditions, or inclement weather can cause hazards to swimmers and boaters. Currents, riptides and other conditions can be a danger at the beach. Lakes and rivers may have obstacles like under-water rocks, downed trees, or other debris. Swimming pools can be a danger for small children if not properly fenced, or there is no supervision.

According to the CDC, every day approximately ten people will die in the US from water-related injury or drowning. Out of that number, two will be children. If you look at the global numbers, the CDC reports that 40 people perish per hour due to drowning.

Avoid tragedies that result from water injuries by following some common sense advice to avoid accidental drowning:

  • Do not mix alcohol and water sports.
  • Always swim with a buddy so that someone can call for help is trouble arises.
  • Supervise children, even if the water is shallow.
  • Check the weather conditions before heading out on a boat.
  • Use proper flotation devices – foam toys are not built for safety.
  • Know your own limits, and make sure that those swimming with you can swim.

Recently there was a lot of media coverage of a tragic incident at Lake Piru on the west coast. However, no community, or family is immune from this risk. In fact, just last week a woman died following an attempted rescue in Dauphin County.  The cause of her death was ruled an accidental drowning in a creek.

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