Car manufacturers recall vehicles for many reasons, but safety and avoiding auto accidents is a major factor. Some recalls deal with something simply like a light bulb, or  small part replacement. Others include major work to be done on the vehicle. Recently airbags have been a target of many recalls.

When a manufacturer does issue a recall, they will inform the dealerships and news outlets. You can find information about your car online or by calling a nearby auto shop. Often the manufacturer will replace the parts at no cost to you. However, there is some time and effort required to get the car in for the work.

You should heed all recall announcements. Often the issue is a safety concern. You want your family riding in the safest vehicle possible when out on the road! Don’t hope that an auto accident won’t happen to you. Crashes occur every day, even under the best of circumstances.

Recent recalls include Chevrolet Trax SUV due to faulty suspension parts that could cause a crash. Models effected are from July 2015 to June 2017 and July 2017 through April 2019. The issue is an improperly welded joint.

Nissan and Infiniti are also on the recent recall list. Reports of issues with the backup camera make reversing a safety threat. The company is not aware of any auto accidents as a result of the failure.

If you worry that your vehicle may have a safety recall there are steps you can take. Call a local dealership. Call the manufacturers customer service line. Or check your VIN here at this government site. 

auto accidents
Auto Accidents

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