Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here! For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for traveling, celebrating, and of course, eating delicious food with friends and family. As you prepare to enjoy all the excitement of the holiday weekend, here are some Thanksgiving travel tips to keep in … Read more about Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Unbelievable Car Crashes

Car crashes happen every day, but some make the news for being unbelievable car crashes. Recently police reported that a sports car, traveling at a very high rate of speed, hit a median, became airborne and crashed through the second floor of an empty building. Two deaths were reported. Photos … Read more about Unbelievable Car Crashes

Favorite Fictional Lawyers

As lawyers, when people ask us what we do, the answer is sometimes "It's not like being a lawyer on TV." In reality, our firm helps injured people recover from car crashes, falls, work injuries etc. - a serious, important, sometime lengthy process. On TV, lawyers sometimes get a case in the morning … Read more about Favorite Fictional Lawyers