The top two spots for dangerous crashes in Berks County are 422 crash sites. The Pottstown Mercury complied PennDot data showing that 422 collision sites are three out of the top eight most dangerous roads in that county.

The Lancaster Avenue exit on 422 has had the most collisions over the past ten years. The area is also known as Business Route 222. One reason that so many crashes occur there is that the exit ramp is on the left side of the highway. The majority of other ramps on and off Route 422 are to the right. There have been almost ten collisions per year – according to the Mercury’s reporting. The good news is that between 2009 and 2018, no fatalities were reported in this location, despite some injuries.

However, other sites are known for high rates of fatalities due to collisions. Those include roadways in Oley Township, Tulpehocken Township, and Greenwich Township.

Route 422 is a major highway through Berks County. It renders access to several towns, including the city of Reading. More information about the roadway and its many exits can be found HERE. And it is almost impossible to avoid the high collision 422 crash sites if you regularly use the highway, adhering to the posted speed limits reduces risk.


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