Being injured is not only painful. It is also inconvenient as it limits your abilities, and it is expensive as medical bills accumulate. You are likely anxious to make a full recovery, but sometimes this eagerness can lead to actions which actually prolong recovery time.

If you want to feel back up to speed as soon as possible, there are a few ways to accomplish this. Follow these three tips to reclaim your health after an injury.

Follow doctor’s orders

The best way to ensure your injury takes a short time to heal is to follow that prescribed plan of treatment your medical provider recommends. It is imperative that you do any exercises, take any medications and follow any other advice given to you by your medical provider. In addition to facilitating a recovery, following doctor’s orders is imperative if you are seeking worker’s compensation. 

Eat foods that nourish

Diet plays a big part in your recovery time, too. According to Men’s Health, there are some specific foods that can facilitate healing. Foods that supply essential nutrients come highly recommended. Fruit, for example, may provide antioxidants, and meat can satisfy your need for protein. These are great foods to eat to help your body heal naturally.

Do not rush back to work

Your employer may be ready to have you return to work, but you may still feel impeded by your injury. Your medical provider should ultimately have the final say in when you return to work, but it is important not to bend to pressure if you feel it is too soon. Resuming labor when you are still in recovery can easily worsen the injury and further prevent healing.

If you suffered an injury at work, in a car collision, or in a slip and fall, you should know what legal options you have. Contact an attorney for more information on potential recourse.