Car collisions are one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself in, but they are also a common occurrence. According to Forbes, the average driver files a claim for a collision about every 18 years, so that means you are likely to experience at least a few collisions within your lifetime. There are a few myths you should be aware of that may affect your behavior following such an collision, though.

If you want to be an informed driver and ensure your protection in the aftermath of the collision, do not fall for any of these myths.

1. Injuries are immediately apparent

Immediately following an collision, you may not feel any pain or see obvious indications of an injury. There are several reasons for this, but the rush of adrenaline that a collision triggers is one of the major causes. Bruising and other injuries may become apparent days or weeks later. A delayed appearance does not make your injuries any less valid or potentially deserving of compensation, though. 

2. Insurers will work it out

Too many people make the mistake of leaving the details to their insurance company and trusting that they will take care of everything. This could cost you in the long run and result in an even bigger mess than what you are already dealing with. Insurance companies — even your own — are ultimately out for a profit, and this means your best interests may be a second priority. 

3. Hiring an attorney is unnecessary

If you were not at fault for the collision, why would you need an attorney? This is the assumption made by many people, but unfortunately, blamelessness does not guarantee that the other party cannot or will not seek damages against you or your insurance company. An attorney can protect you from such litigation and fight for the compensation you may be due.