Riding a motorcycle comes with a lot of freedom. Few things feel quite as exhilarating as hopping on your bike and enjoying a ride. However, there are risks to riding a motorcycle. You are more exposed to road hazards and less protected than when you are inside a vehicle.

If you adhere to some safety tips, you can be a safer motorcyclist and reduce your chances of crashing. Here are the top guidelines to be a safe biker.

1. Get the right gear

You need the proper clothing to protect you from flying bugs, windchill and road rash if you ever slide out. According to motorcycle tips from Consumer Reports, you should opt for a leather jacket, full pants, gloves and high-top footwear. You will also want a full-face helmet that has a certification from the Department of Transportation to significantly reduce your chances of getting a brain injury. Plus, you should choose brightly colored gear to make sure drivers can see you.

2. Look out for road hazards

Due to the fact that your motorcycle has less traction than a car, seemingly harmless aspects of the road can be dangerous. Pebbles, sand and wet leaves can cause you to start sliding suddenly. Potholes and bumps may cause you to take a spill. If you cannot react in time to avoid these things, try to slow down before contacting them.

3. Be especially careful around trucks

Even driving in a car near a tractor-trailer can be scary. It is even more intimidating on a motorcycle. Truck drivers have giant blind spots, and they are less likely to see you on a tiny motorcycle. Do your best to stay out of their blind spots and leave a safe amount of space. You do not want to come into contact with a massive hauler while on your bike, as the results are usually death or severe injury.